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peachy proxies is faster, juicier and more reliable!

Welcome to Peachy Proxies. The latest and greatest Data Centre proxies currently available to the public. We offer high speed and reliable proxies supporting sites such as Shopify, Adidas, Nike and etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your proxies located?

A: We currently support VA, Chicago and London.

Q: What servers do you recommend to use along with your proxies?

A: For our VA proxies, we recommend using a Google Cloud US-East-4 instance. For Chicago Proxies, we recommend using a Vultr or Microsoft Azure Chicago instance.

Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?

A: No. We do however include a discount code for cook groups.

Q: How do I check if my proxies are working properly and the speed is as advertised?

A: We recommend testing our proxies through proxy testers built in sneakers bot (CyberAIO, Project Destroyer etc) and accurate speed will be output for each proxies. If some proxies return “Error”, please contact us to have it replaced for free! Please note that we do not replace proxies due to over-testing.

Q: Is there a monthly subscription available for your proxies?

A: There is no monthly subscription set up in place right now, but existing customers will be contacted 2-3 days before their proxies expire, and will be given chance to renew their proxies. Should an existing customer decides to cancel their monthly proxies, these will be released to the public.